"Chandler Mortgage has great rates and low fees.  I can honestly say Randy made the loan process easier and quicker than any other lender I have worked with previously!"  Kerry Vance

"Randy made the mortgage process easy and painless. He found the best mortgage rate for us in a short amount of time. He was helpful and knowledgeable, answered questions and concerns quickly. He worked diligently to make sure everything was ready to go before closing. I would highly recommend Randy to friends, family or anyone that is looking for a mortgage broker."  Susana Bracamonte

"This was the smoothest mortgage process I’ve ever experienced.  Randy knows what he’s doing every step of the way and does a brilliant job of staying in touch with his customers.  I have and will continue to recommend him to others knowing they will be more than happy with the results." Lillian Yeamans

"My experience with Randy Goff and Chandler Mortgage was absolutely awesome. Everything went smoothly and on time. I highly recommend using this company."    Paulette Chapp

"Randy was great to work with. He offered fantastic rates, much better than retail or regular banks. The process was very clear, easy to follow and also smartly laid out. In particular, Randy ensured that money would not be required to close. This made it hassle free, just had to show up at a local title company to sign documents. We are very happy with our interest savings. Would definitely recommend to friends and family."  Nick VanDeVeire

"Randy answered all questions and made the process easy and seamless."  Carol Crane

"We had the pleasure of working with Randy during a recent home purchase. He was amazing, making every aspect as easy for us as possible. He found us the best possible rate, negotiated obstacles on our behalf and made the overall experience effortless. I would recommend his company to anyone."  Lori Newham

"This was the smoothest mortgage process I’ve ever experienced.  Randy knows what he’s doing every step of the way and does a brilliant job of staying in touch with his customers.  I have and will continue to recommend him to others knowing they will be more than happy with the results."  Devie Yeamans

"Randy, the mortgage broker, is the difference between any other mortgage company vs Chandler Mortgage LLC. Randy is very well versed in all aspects of refinancing, which is what I did. He provided the best closing cost. It basically cost me zero to refinance with him as compared to big banks where it would have costed me another point ($5000)."  Rajiv Rana

"Randy was fantastic to work with. The rate he got me was better than the three other places I got quotes from before Randy was recommended to me and his fees were slightly better as well, making Chandler Mortgage the best value in terms of cost alone. To top it off his service and work ethic made the process very smooth and easy even during a time of Pandemic when I wasn’t really interested in having any more face-to-face meetings than necessary. I will be recommending Randy to my family and friends and anyone else who is looking for the services he provides."  Dennis Aust

"Overall, working with Randy was fantastic.  After discussing potential refinancing with our existing incumbent mortgage lender, who was unable to offer a meaningful decrease in our rate, we approached Randy.   Randy listened to what our goals were and was able to definitely meet our needs based on his network.   Additionally, from start to finish, there was no drama and the refinance wrapped up quickly through Randy’s efforts."  Cary and Monica Flanagan

I recently decided to refinance the mortgage on my home and I chose Chandler Mortgage to handle the process.  My mortgage broker, Randy Goff, was very easy to work with and kept me up-to-date throughout the process.  I liked the fact that Randy was the only person I dealt with from start to finish.   I would highly recommend Chandler Mortgage to anyone looking for home financing. "  Scott Harper

"Randy was great. Not a lot of hassle. We applied, he gave us a few choices to choose from. He walked us through the process, and we closed a couple of weeks later. Way easier of a process than with other mortgage companies."  Gene Filippo

"Fast, prompt, courteous and friendly, efficient and responsive to our needs without any hint of pressure.  Very easy to work with, and got the lowest rates."  Bob and Bev Hamilton

"Thank you! My refinance experience with Chandler Mortgage was phenomenal!"  Lorrie Luellig

 "We worked with Randy to refinance our house and were extremely pleased with his rates, customer service, responsiveness, and no hassle service.  I wish we had worked with Randy the first time we bought the house.   I would highly recommend Randy and Chandler Mortgage LLC to anyone looking for a mortgage either to buy or refinance."  Amit Bhargava

"We recommend Chandler Mortgage LLC as your preferred mortgage broker. Mortgage broker Randy Goff's experience is unparalleled, and the personal customer service experience is outstanding. Chandler Mortgage LLC is a local small mortgage lender that cares about its clients on a personal level and takes pride in providing 5 STAR customer service and client satisfaction. Whether you are looking for a home purchase, refinance, or reverse mortgage loan, Chandler Mortgage LLC is your best option! Thank you, Chandler Mortgage LLC & mortgage broker Randy Goff, for your EXCELLENT customer service and for saving us hundreds of dollars off our mortgage!"  Veronica Holguin

"Incredible experience every step of the way.  Lower fees than other lenders.  Great rates and excellent customer service."  Dawn Norfleet

"Randy was very professional and, during this Covid-19 era, had the "doing it all remotely" process down. He was always communicative and there was no surprises. The process went exactly as conveyed and planned and the stress was minimal."   Grant Anderson

"Randy was very helpful and diligent. He offered great loan choices and explained available products thoroughly.  Questions were answered completely and in a timely manner.  The experience was extremely smooth!  I would not hesitate to use Randy / Chandler Mortgage for any future mortgage transactions."  Bob VanDeVeire

"I refinanced my house with Randy Goff of Chandler Mortgage LLC, and he was an absolute pleasure to work with!  We got the ball rolling in less than day after making first contact with him. He is prompt, he is quick to communicate, and he explains very plainly and clearly. Randy was able to find the best rates on the market, which significantly reduced my new mortgage payments. He is truly your advocate for your mortgage needs, so please give him a shot!"  Jacob Gonzales

"It was great working with Randy.  I have bought many properties and this was by far the best and easiest financing I have been through."  Dave Morton

"It was a pleasure working with Randy Goff as my mortgage broker for the third time. Whether selling, buying or refinancing, each occasion I felt as if I was in trusted hands with Randy walking me through each step of the way. I was very impressed with his expertise and knowledge of the industry as well as his ability to gauge the costs involved almost to the penny. I highly recommend utilizing Randy's expertise the next time you need a mortgage broker."  Pam P

"It was a pleasure to work with Randy on the purchase of our home. As first time home buyers, the process was new to us and he walked us through each step. He was very knowledgeable about different options we could have gone with to ensure the best interest rate, closing costs, as well as our total monthly mortgage payment. He was in constant communication with us via email, phone, and text message. The process was quick and smooth and we would gladly use Randy again!"   Megan Lindsey

"I found Randy from google search and impressed with many positive comments. They all proven to be true during my re-finance process with my home mortgage. I am glad that I have chosen Randy as my mortgage broker. He is very easy to work with and always responds quickly to my requests, even at last minutes. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for re-finance or a new mortgage."   Jianwai Wan

"Randy made the experience easy. His professionalism, effective communication and knowledge allowed me not to worry about the details because I felt he had it all under control. We ran into some error on my credit report and Randy worked through them with minimal involvement from me.  The refinancing experience was good and I will work with Chandler Mortgage LLC in the future for my mortgage needs."  Steve Perez

"We had a very smooth and successful experience in getting the best loan for the purchase of our new home. Randy did a terrific job."  Jack Magruder

"Randy Goff at Chandler Mortgage is fantastic, and we would highly recommend him if you’re looking for mortgage lender. Randy was so great at explaining everything and simplifying the process. We had a lot of questions and were impressed with how responsive he was whether we contacted him by text, phone, or email. We had started the loan process with another company and found the lender was pushy, confusing, and made us feel dumb when we asked questions. When our mortgage rate and his fees were much higher than we expected, our real estate agent offered us Randy’s number. It was such a pleasure and relief working with Randy. Plus, he saved us money and got us a better rate. Thank you Randy!"   Nicole Hehl

"Chandler Mortgage is the best at qualifying my buyers.  Randy is always responsive to calls and emails.  He offers competitive rates and the best customer service.   Takes the stress out of every transaction!"  Kathy Byrnes

"While we were in the process of buying our home the question came up about financing. We asked our realtor if she had a recommendation and the answer was Chandler Mortgage LLC. Randy called the next day and we started the process. Randy made our loan so easy. Very professional and was a delight to work with. If you want someone who cares and is also fun to work with use Chandler Mortgage."   Dan Polidori

"After purchasing our first home 2 months past, my husband and I remarked on how simple and seamless the process proved. I do not doubt that this assessment comes with obtaining our mortgage loan from Randy, who is best recognized for his succinct, efficient professionalism; patience with what must be mundane questions; knowledge and willingness to disseminate said information to his clients. Should we require mortgage services in the future, Randy will be our guy."   Elizabeth Riedel

"Chandler Mortgage and Randy Goff made the complicated mortgage process seem easy.  Randy provided an exceptional level of service and was always available for my questions.  His rates and fees were the lowest when I compared them to a couple of other lenders.  I couldn't be happier.  I highly recommend Chandler Mortgage for all of your home financing needs."     Chris Purcell

"Randy was a pleasure to work with. He was very knowledgeable about the products and process. He told us what to expect and when to expect it, and he was right. The whole refinance went very smoothly." Mike Hollar

"Randy went above and beyond to not only ensure that we got the type of mortgage we were looking for, but to also ensure all of our questions were answered so that we could feel confident and secure in our purchase.  He provided excellent information and was able to break it down so it was easy to understand. He was there to assist every step of the way, and we greatly appreciate his help and dedication. We would highly recommend Randy Goff and Chandler Mortgage."    Marissa Kinigson

"Thank you for helping us with our recent refinance of our Chandler home. You made the process very easy to understand and helped us save thousands in interest!  This was our first time refinancing and we appreciate your patience with us.  We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you."    Ryan Barmore

"Moving from out of state with an infant is no small task but Randy did everything in his power to make it easier.  Throughout the entire process Randy displayed the most complete combination of professionalism, patience, & experience we could have ever hoped for.  He offered guidance where he could, and in a clear manner, explained all of our mortgage options making sure we completely understood what each of them meant.  He stood with us the entire way through the process of purchasing our dream home and was the definition of an advocate for us.  When the sellers we purchased our home from stumbled through several parts of the process, Randy didn't even blink an eye at needing to create updated paperwork several times. And from our perspective, the process never seemed to skip a beat.  I would (and do) recommend Randy and Chandler Mortgage to everyone in the market for a mortgage.  You will not be disappointed!"    Brian Stallins

"I would just like to thank you Randy from the bottom of my heart. Some people are OK to do business with, but you were Above and Beyond that. Seriously. You answered every question and email I had immediately. You were very clear in what you needed from me and provided all the info I needed to get it to you. Your attitude was kind and friendly. Very respectful and just such a Joy. Please continue making people as happy as you have made me. Now I will go enjoy the hundreds of dollars you saved me by doing my refinance."    Forever Grateful, Deanna Murello

"While we looked for our first house we were nervous about how all the numbers were going to work out. Thankfully, Randy walked us through every step thoroughly making sure we understood everything. He was able to explain things simply. If we did have any questions though, he answered them quickly. Randy made it seem like we were talking to a family friend that took care of us during the whole process. We will definitely be using Randy again in the future!"    Sarah Behm

"I would highly recommend Randy Goff. His diligence and professionalism took what can be a very tedious and frustrating process and made it very simple - thank you for everything you did."    Gilbert Hutton

"Chandler Mortgage is at the top of my lender list.  I refer them to all of my home buying clients.  With Randy, I know my clients get the lowest rates and personalized service.  He is the only person I ever talk to so the transaction is seamless.  He is great at taking the complex mortgage process and making it seem simple.  He is always transparent and quick to respond if issues arise.  I would highly recommend Randy Goff and Chandler Mortgage to anyone looking to secure financing for their home."    Erika Lucas, REALTOR

"Randy Goff is an experienced, professional, thorough mortgage broker. He kept me on track with documents I needed to send to him. He provided me with timely responses throughout the process of purchasing my home with every question I asked. If I missed sending him a document (since there are quite a few required), he emailed me a reminder along with the due date.  Randy is extremely detail-oriented and friendly. The purchase of my home and closing/settlement process was much easier than I anticipated."  C Ingraham

"We moved to US from Europe and did not know much about the mortgage process in US.  Randy made this very easy for us, guiding us through every step and went in detail through the process.  He advised and suggested on the choice of lenders, appropriate amount to take loan on, avoiding fees, setting up insurance etc.  He also helped us to make sure we had necessary steps in place to maintain a good credit score.  He also made sure that we had all the info about how the fees were structured to make sure there was not conflict of interest.  As a result we now have a beautiful home that we own and a mortgage at terms that we can wanted and can afford! We would definitely use his services again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him."    Biren Minhas